The college has an ethics of its own that finds every student enrolled in the college to maintain uniformity and harmony in all respects during their studentship-

  1. Every student must be a bona-fide student of the college.
  2. Students must follow the academic calendar framed and maintained by the college authority throughout each academic session.
  3. Students are required to attend college class at the maximum; those who fail to attend class less than required, as instructed of the council and university. Shall be termed as defatted and be debarred from appearing m in the examinations.
  4. Wearing college uniform in full, possessing I- card issued by the college, self – Aadhaar card is a must while attending the college authority. I card should be hung visibly around the neck.
  5. Only college uniform in proper and style suitable for academic environment is acceptable. Highly fashionable and odd-fashioned dresses, costly ornaments, luxuries are not acceptable inside the class room and the campus.
  6. Only the prescribe text-book, pens, exercise book, etc. are allowed to bring in the campus and classrooms. Obscene picture and books, pamphlets and banner, etc. are not permitted inside classroom and the campus.
  7. Students will arrive at the college on time (punctually), attend classes in full and leave the college after class. Joining class at random and leaving the college at odd time is not permitted.
  8. Students are prohibited using mobile phone inside the college campus and class rooms. Phones are to be switch off. At the time of examinations, on examination days, no student is expected to bring any mobile phone. If brought accidentally, it should be surely handed over to the O.C. concerned or any other examination personnel authorized in that regard before the commencement of the examination. Lest it found later on it will be forfeited.
  9. Students should not bring any non- students to the college for any reason. If, on exceptional circumstances brought, it should be reported to the college authority/the principal.
  10. Toileting and giggling, chatting and gossiping, mobile- gaming in and around the college campus, on the verandah, inside the classroom, etc. are strictly prohibited for all times.
  11. Students are excepted to keep the college neat and clean, smoking, littering of any kind, consumption of intoxicants- liquor (alcohols), tobacco, khaini, raza, talab, sajan, chewing gums, etc. are strictly banned.
  12. No students are encouraged to indulge in any sort of anti- social activities within or without the college. It may deform the college image.
  13. Use the college facilities (electronic media, letter-head, seal, etc.) to send or view or publish any obscene, offensive or illegal materials is strictly prohibited. Violence of it will be a gross offence, and penalty will be given accordingly.
  14. Organising any kind of meeting, procession, sit-in-protest, etc. on the college campus, gate, on outside the entrance without the consent and written permission of the Principal is strictly prohibited.
  15. Students should handle and use college property with outmost care. Electric blubs, fans, electronic gadgets, etc. must be put off after use.
  16. Stealing, misusing, damaging or destroying the college property will amount to explanatory call and adequate penalty be ordained to the culprits(s) concerned.
  17. All students are imperative to attend and fully participate any college function, program, social gathering, social service, etc. indiscipline   during such program and practice of escapism will be treated as a serious offence and be treated accordingly.
  18. Any sort of misbehaviourism- bullying, assaulting, intimidating, threatening, any member of the college community or student community shall not be tolerated in any case. Adequate justification be done to the student concerned.
  19. Ragging among students, particularly to the girl-students will be seriously viewed and be treated accordingly. Priority should be given to the girls.
  20. All students are encouraged to be environment and eco- friendly in their visual mission and work. They are expected to be involved in any such activity organised and conducted by the college from time to time.
  21. Students are to be park their cycle/motor cycle/ bikes at the proper parking zone provided for them. They are to bear the responsibility for any loss or damage of such means of conveyance if left t random, unlock. No students are allowed to enter the college campus if come in/on bikes producing too much noisy sound beyond tolerance, thereby disturbing the atmosphere of the college.
  22. Student will read Notice Board almost every day to get the college information up to date.

All students are expected to think good do good, and be good in all respects. Violation of any of the above  framed code- of conduct by any of the college students may raise to untoward consequences  and will amount to expulsion of the student(s) concerned under any circumstances. The decision of the college authority will be finding and FINAL.