• How to apply for admission

 Every admission should be proceeded in prescribed form issued by the College.

  1. The selection of students shall be made by the Admission Committee.
  2. Only Bank Challan will be accepted for admission.
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Students

 Every student should wear the College uniform:

  • For Boys: White shirt, Black Trouser, Black Belt with Black Shoes and White Socks.
  • For Girls: White Shirt, Black Phanek with Black Shoes and White Socks.
  1. No student is allowed to attend College without full uniform.
  2. Using Mobile Phones in the class-rooms is strictly prohibited.
  3. Every student should attend College at least 75% of working days. Failing students will not be allowed to appear the Council and University Examinations.
  4. Every student should maintain strict discipline and consider it his/her duty to behave decently inside and outside the College.
  5. Every student should accompany his/her identity card to the College daily.
  6. Every student is expected to participate in social activities, college development programmes, functions and ceremonies organized/conducted by the College from time to time.
  7. Any student found absent from any type of examination conducted by the College shall not be considered for promotion to the next class.